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Our Stylist Levels

We have created a unique pricing structure to cater to our guest's individual preferences and budget. 

Level 1 reflects our Graduate Stylists whilst Level 6 is our most experienced and educated stylists.

The experience within our salon's will be the same; however the overall style and result will be dependant upon the style, experience and expertise of your chosen stylist.

There will come a time as our team develops and progresses in our that your preffered stylist may edge into a price range that isn't sustainable for all guests and feel they need to look elsewhere for their service - relax, don't worry. We encourage our guests to try our other stylists. We have you covered.

New to the salon industry, these stylists are newly qualified and working on building their confidence as they sharpen their skills and evolve in the craft.

Limited Services & Availability

Graduate Stylist

Level 1

These stylists have been in the industry for years, established their client base and developed their skills.

These stylists are in higher demand and on their journey to specialising in their craft

Senior Stylist

Level 4

These stylists have moved on from our "Refinery Program" (or undergoing) and are honing their skills and taking their craft to the next level.

They are enrolled in or have completed our advanced training and provide the same exeptional services at a lower price point.

New Talent Stylist

Level 2

These stylists are well-known for their work, have reached rigorous goals, and met our education and skill requirements.

These stylists artistically guide the team and take appointments by request only.

Specialist Stylist

Level 5

These stylists have completed their advanced training.

Stylists are solely focused on guests and take on new guests who prefer to see a stylist with more experience. 

These stylists are in higher demand and have more availability for growing.


Level 3

Masters of their craft.


They are established, respected and carry a reputation for excellence.


This level is reserved for the most experienced and high in demand service providers in our salons.

Director Stylist

Level 6

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