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Jordan Alexander

Level 6 - Director Stylist / Owner

I have been a hairstylist for 15 years working in Glasgow’s West End, Spain & Edinburgh.

I believe in hair appointments that allow guests like you to have a maximised experience filled with lots of laughs, connection, and a real opportunity to relax

I believe modern "beauty" is not a one size fits all concept. That is why I make it my mission at every visit to allow you to express yourself in whatever way that makes you feel your best. And I am grateful I get to share in this experience.


- Curly hair specialist

- Curly hair cutting

- Afro/textured hair cutting

- Wavy hair cutting

- Cutting

- Asian hair cutting specialist

- Afro hair cutting specialist

- Curly hair cutting specialist

- Latin hair cutting specialist

- Middle eastern hair cutting specialist

- Fine hair cutting specialist

- Thick hair cutting specialist

- Colouring

- All hair types and textures

- Master colour degree / hair colour expert / colour specialist


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